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November 14, 2016

Internship Benefits. Are you ready to reap the rewards?

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Reap the Benefits of an Internship

Why would you consider an internship? Even though you may have been in the business world a long time, you may be surprised to learn that you are a top candidate for an internship, especially if you are pursuing a degree at Colorado Technical University. This is also a great opportunity for people taking breaks from their existing careers with hopes of re-entering the job market with new skills.

Why are Internships Important?

To understand the importance of internships, it is smart to analyze one of the most common work situations. When a manager leaves a company, his or her staff is loaded with work. A hiring manager is sure to eye a replacement who has experience doing a similar job so that there is a low learning curve.

Internships are important for individuals who entered the military straight from high school as well. Besides obtaining knowledge and a CTU degree, these individuals will gain valuable experience from an internship in their fields.

Aren't you too old for an internship? According to a 2015 article in, many large companies offer programs that are designed with older individuals in mind.

Uncovering an Internship Linked to Academic Goals

Every person has a unique reason to pursue a degree. However, they all should consider internships. Participating in internships brings many benefits.

  • - You can blend previous knowledge and work experience with new skills that are learned in the classroom.
  • - Provides great networking opportunities.
  • - Offers work experience to list on your resume.
  • - May put you into position for a raise or a promotion.

Results After Participating in an Internship

In 2015, the National Association of Colleges and Employees questioned graduates and found that approximately 65 percent of them participated in internships. Almost 57 percent of this group received a new job opportunity. On the other hand, only 37.5 percent of the group that did not complete internships received a new job opportunity.

In 2014, Bloomberg's Businessweek Undergraduate Business School Rankings reported that 75 percent of individuals participated in internships. Over 60 percent of these students were offered new employment at the time of graduation. Only 28 percent of graduates who did not do an internship had the same opportunities.

Employers Want Internship Experience

The Association of American Colleges and Universities found that a majority of employers are impressed by students who complete internships. This is a great way for management to know that job candidates possess the knowledge and skills necessary to bring success to their companies.

Gain Experience in the Field

Besides the high likelihood of receiving a new job offer or promotion following graduation, an internship offers other benefits.

  • - Increases networking possibilities with professionals in the industry.
  • - Creates mentor relationships with management.
  • - Applies your classroom knowledge into real life situations.
  • - Helps you gain experience in a new field.

Are Paid Internships Better Than Unpaid Internships?

The 2015 NACE study of college graduates revealed that over 50 percent of interns received some form of payment for their work. Approximately 70 percent of this group received a job offer. Individuals with unpaid internships did not receive the same amount of job offers.

Most employers appreciate the skills that are learned by interns, including the abilities to work as a team, to remain organized, to communicate effectively, and to make challenging decisions. This is a strong reason why an adult learner who is returning to school should consider incorporating an internship into his or her educational endeavors.

If you are interested in an internship opportunity, get your resume in order. For guidance, CTU Career Services is available to help.






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