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Criminal Justice News

ASA Criminal Justice Team Triumphs

Alina Quesada-Brown

Alina Quesada-Brown

On Friday May 1, 2009 ASA Institute Division of Criminal Justice was invited to participate in a National Debate Competition. ASA Debate Team competed against colleges like Berkley College - New Jersey, Berkley College - New York, Dominican College, SUNY Rockland Community College and Essex County College. The debate was to resolve - "Should Police Officers Be Subjected to Mandatory Breathalyzer Tests after an Incident When Someone Gets Shot."ASA Debate Team garnered third place from among the six competing teams.

Congratulations to ALINA QUESADA-BROWN, top debater; Jennifer Flores and Kaisha Allsbrooks for their outstanding performance. Congratulations also to Professor Donna Dwyer-Guillame for her dedication in putting together the team and coaching the participants. Thanks to Oscar Odom III, Chair of the Criminal Justice Division for getting ASA Institute Division of Criminal Justice on the road to national renown.

Fourth Quarter Criminal Justice Student Interview
By: Minnie Seferaj (Secretary, Alumni Association)

On May 28, 2009 in the Criminal Justice Office I had the pleasure of interviewing one of finest students, Israel Monjaras. Israel Monjaras determination and drive is what made me decide to interview him as our last quarter Criminal Justice student for the Alumni Association Newsletter. He is a definite inspiration and role model for future graduates at ASA Institute.
Here is how the interview went….
Minnie:"Tell me a little about yourself?"
Israel:"My name is Israel Monjaras. I will be an official graduate from ASA Institute on June 4, 2009. I will graduate with an Associate's in Applied Science in Criminal Justice."
Minnie:"What did you enjoy most about the program?"
Israel:"What I enjoyed the most about the program were the classes and courses taught. Plus I enjoyed the teachers. They are all really helpful and fair. I definitely will not forget you, Minnie; you have made a big change for the students in Criminal Justice. You developed it where everyone is being known of their potential."
Minnie:Thank you Israel, so tell me what do you hope to accomplish with your degree when you graduate from ASA?"
Israel:"With my degree from ASA I hope to accomplish my lifetime goal of becoming a New York City Police Officer and eventually becoming a Detective."
Minnie:"Are you working, and if yes where? "
Israel: "Well, to me it is a job. I am currently a volunteer for the New York Police Department Auxiliary program."
Minnie:"Do you feel that ASA prepared you for the position?"
Israel:  "I feel ASA has prepared me with the knowledge I need to be out in the streets doing my job. The courses at ASA have taught me Criminal Justice terminology as well as Criminal Law and Procedures that entailed me to do my job."
Minnie:"Have you maintained contact with ASA's Career Services and Alumni Affairs Department? Why?
Israel:"I have not maintained contact with ASA Career Services because I found my own site, but I am sure that Career Services department works hard on finding jobs for students who are in need. In regards to Alumni Affairs, I will definitely be in contact with that because come June 4, 2009 I will be alumni of ASA, and as long as you are still working here."
Minnie:"Aww, thank you for the compliment Israel. It is greatly appreciated. What advice would you give to students who are getting ready to graduate?"
Israel: "The advice I would give to students who are getting ready to graduate or start college is to never give up. Never settle for less. Don't limit yourself, reach for the stars."
Minnie:"What are your plans for the future?"
Israel:  "My plans for the future is to become a New York City Police Officer and go back to school to get my Master's so I could teach on a college level, but teach Criminal Justice courses."
Minnie:"Israel, thank you so much for taking the time and sitting down with me for the Alumni Association Newsletter. We definitely need to stay in contact; I could bring you in as a guest speaker one day."
Israel:  "Minnie, anything for you. You have done a lot for me and that would be just a little gratitude I can show."
I must admit that this interview went successful. Israel is definitely someone any future graduate can look up to. Below is a picture of our future Success Story, Israel Monjaras.

Criminal Justice Event at the Brooklyn Marriott
By: Minnie Seferaj (Secretary, Alumni Association)

On March 30, 2009 Division of Criminal Justice held their Honor Roll Ceremony at the Brooklyn Marriott.With the help of ASA Institute VP of Government and Community Relations set it up where Charles Hynes, Brooklyn District Attorney come to be the Keynote Speaker. It was the most exciting event that the Division of Criminal Justice has held.The room was filled beyond capacity with over 170 Criminal Justice students, Criminal Justice Faculty and Staff as well as Career Services, Student Advisement.There was so many students and administration that had to stand because there wasn’t enough room.
Mr. Roberto Dumaual, VP of Government and Community Relations gave the opening remarks at the ceremony.He introduced ASA Institute founder and outstanding gentlemen, Alex Shchegol.Mr. Shchegol spoke briefly of his accomplishments and how it was wonderful to see a room filled with students that have achieved outstanding academics in their major.

Oscar Odom III Chairperson Division of Criminal Justice

The next speaker that came to the podium was the Oscar Odom III, Division of Criminal Justice Chairperson, and of course he was greeted with a standing ovation.He gave thanks and recognition to the Charles Hynes and working with ASA Institute Criminal Justice Division and finalized the deal for externships at the District Attorney’s Office located on Jay Street.Oscar also thanked all the staff and faculty of Criminal Justice, Career Services Department, Externship Department and all those that make a difference in the academia of the Criminal Justice students.Lance Ogiste, Counselor to Charles Hynes came up after Oscar Odom III to introduce the man he represents to the fullest, Charles Hynes, King’s County District Attorney.

Everyone gave Mr. Charles Hynes their fullest attention when he spoke about his past and how the importance of education is the key to success.Charles Hynes spoke about the challenges and opportunities there are in the many fields of Criminal Justice.He also touched on taking students from the Division of Criminal Justice at ASA Institute into his externship program. Charles Hynes had an open forum with the Criminal Justice students.Many students asked questions in regards to the Criminal Justice field and Mr. Hynes answered all questions.Then of course Mr. Charles Hynes presented the certificates to those students that have displayed outstanding academic achievements.
March 30, 2009 is just the beginning of great success for the Criminal Justice program.As the Criminal Justice Chairperson, Oscar Odom III said, "Our students are educated, prepared, motivated and ready to take on any task that comes their way", "Like I have always said since starting here, NO DROP OUT, NO COP OUTS".