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Criminal Justice News 2010

CJ Students competing in 2010 Justice Studies Debate Competition
By: Maryana Lukanjuk (Academic Coordinator of Criminal Justice Department)

Alina Quesada-Brown

Four Criminal Justice students represented ASA Institute in 2010 Justice Studies Debate Competition, sponsored by Berkley College, on November 5th, 2010. Two ASA teams competed against schools such as Berkley College, Dominican College, Monroe College, Post University and Quinnipiac University.  Kwesi Luke, Daniel Smith, Yasmine McMeans, and Lennard Cox competed with juniors and seniors of four year schools.

The topic of the debate was: "Resolved: The Exclusionary Rule should be rescinded". The debaters were expected to argue and defend their position on the Fate of the Exclusionary Rule. Each team was judged on their abilities to comprehend and on their presentation style. They were also evaluated on the strength of arguments, proper use of facts, statistics, and respect for other teams. The teams had to ensure that their skills were up to par since the panel of judges consisted of New York City Court Judges, Assistant District Attorneys, Lawyers, and Retired Law Enforcement Officers.

In the weeks leading up to the competition, the teams were coached by Donna Dwyer- Guillaume, J.D., Professor in ASA's Criminal Justice Department. Throughout the weeks preceding the debate they diligently met for their weekly meetings. As a result of these intense sessions their debating skills drastically improved. Under Ms. Dwyer's guidance they researched court cases, laws, reviewed judge's opinions and put in countless hours of debate practice against each other.

Their hard work paid off. Kwesi Luke and Daniel Smith won third place in the competition. Quinnipiac University placed first and Monroe College placed second.

Daniel Smith,Marisol Abuin J.D,Kwesi Luke

Right: Daniel Smith. Left: Kwesi Luke. Middle: Marisol Abuin J.D.  Chair, NY Professional Studies Department

Kwesi Luke:

"As a Criminal Justice student at ASA, I had the pleasure of being a part of CJ 2010 Berkley debate. My experience, from the preparation to the competition, though challenging, was one I do not regret. Not only did I have the opportunity to learn about the Exclusionary Rule, but it was fun to be a part of something mean full. Representing thousands of ASA students was an accomplishment. My gratitude, of course, is extended to Prof. Dwyer- our coach, and the rest of C.J. department who took time out to train our team. I would strongly admonish CJ students to get involved".

Daniel Smith:

"When I first was told about the debate team, I was interested but also scared because I have never even heard of the Exclusionary Rule. During the first practice, Professor Dwyer and Professor Greaves hammered questions and criticized everything we said. With practicing and going over the specifics and learning extensively the origin of the exclusionary rule, the confidence grew. Even though I was in it for the money basically, I believe any time spent with Professor Dwyer is time well spent. Slowly, I grew more confidence and after studying paper after paper regarding the exclusionary rule. It was a valuable experience though because I met some very intelligent people, saw what others prepared for compared to us, and learned extensively about the most controversial amendments of the US Constitution".

Congratulations and special Thanks to our "great debaters" and Professor Donna Dwyer - Guillaume who are essential part of Criminal Justice team and ASA Institute!