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Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Degree, Criminal Justice Program, Criminal Justice Career
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Division of Criminal Justice

Hear from our Students
2nd year undergraduate,Business MIS

The Criminal Justice program is designed for people who plan to pursue one of the many careers in this high growth industry.

To gain a broad-based, sophisticated understanding in the role of the criminal justice system in American society, students take courses in criminal justice, law, criminology, ethics, and general education.

Specifically, they develop the skills and knowledge to:

  • analyze the problems of the criminal justice system and the needs of our society, in upholding the democratic traditions of law and social well-being
  • make decisions on how to balance the rights of an individual citizen against society's continuing need for safety and security
  • understand social problems, human behavior and public management policy

Students can choose from elective options in 3 areas: Security, Corrections, and Police.

A vital component of this program is the externship, which allows students to practice the theoretical skills learned in class at a law enforcement agency, such as a police department, private security company, probation department, social services agency or corrections department.

Special Admission Requirement
Because employees of the federal, state or local government and their agencies cannot have criminal records, students in this program will be subject to a background check for criminal history

Career Opportunities
Graduates from this program are prepared for many careers, some of which are listed here. The program also provides students with a solid foundation for a transition to a Bachelor's degree program in Criminal Justice.

The NYS Department of Labor projects that criminal justice professionals will have "very favorable" job prospects through at least 2014, in careers like law enforcement, security and corrections.

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