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Core Competencies Division of ASA
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Division of Core Competencies

The Core Competencies Division of ASA was created to provide every student with the core knowledge and skills in addition to the career training that the student envisions to obtain and which would be essential to the pursuit of higher learning and career planning. The division's first twocomponent courses, Freshmen Skills Seminar (FSM100) and Information Literacy (LIB100) are so designed to ease the student's transition from the predictable life of basic education (elementary and secondary levels) to the more challenging and self-directing path of tertiary life. Topicssuch as time management, study skills, data gathering, report writing, and coping with stress are interspersed with actual experiences in library and on-line researching, critical thinking, logical reasoning and hands-on sessions covering various academic library resources. The division'sthird component, Career Development Seminar (CDV100) harnesses the student's acquired knowledge and skills, refines these in actual portfolio  preparation, job search activities, and mock interviews, to ultimately find full expression when the student metamorphoses into a selfassured,knowledgeable, and equally competent professional ready to take his/her place in the corporate environment of Business, Computer Technology, Health, or Criminal Justice.