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Computer Technology Faculty Coordinator


Professor Feofilaktova holds a MS degree in Management Information Systems from Rostov-on-Don Institute of Economics. She worked as a programmer analyst for many years before joining ASA in 2001 as an adjunct instructor. In 2005, she was appointed to her current position: Faculty Coordinator. For the Computer Technology Division, she oversees curriculum review and development for her Division, manages all aspects of faculty hiring, training, evaluation and scheduling, coordinates workshops and professional development activities, (including those for students), provides academic and career-focused advisement to students, and in general, is devoted to maintaining an educational environment that is professional and effective. Professor Feofilaktova also leads courses in Web Design and Programming.

To her students Tatyana offers these words of wisdom: "I, along with the rest of the faculty of the Division of Computer Technology do our best daily to provide our students with the highest and most professional level of education. However, at the end of the day, the students' work ethic and dedication are the main contributing factors to their success in our school. So dream hard, work even harder and you will prosper in everything you do."