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Chinese Students Health Disciplines Club

Mission Statement

The goals of the Chinese Students Health Disciplines Club include:

Chinese Students Health Disciplines Logo
  • To assist Chinese students in their selection of healthcare programs studies at ASA College.
  • To help Chinese students overcome difficulties in their college life experiences.
  • To encourage Chinese students to successfully complete their studies and pass the respective healthcare certification or licensure examinations upon graduation.
  • To expose Chinese students to the importance of higher education, professional attitude, work experience, and cultural diversity within the American healthcare environments.

Club activities

  • Providing seminars on topics related to healthcare programs at ASA College, such as job outlooks, professional accreditations, and course requirements.
  • Inviting guest speakers from healthcare professions to address issues pertaining to New York City healthcare needs, facilities, and programs.
  • Inviting ASA Health Disciplines alumni to present their employment success stories and experiences in healthcare facilities and programs.
  • Promoting the Club activities and ASA College's Division of Health Disciplines programs to local Chinese communities in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

Contact information:

Victoria (Ling) Zhang
Associate Director of Admissions
1293 Broadway / One Herald Center
New York, NY 10001

Laura Zhang
Admissions associate
International Student Advisor
81 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn NY 11201
Tel: 718-534-0770
Fax: 718-764-4321

Xiaopeng Zhou  M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Division of Health Disciplines
Tel: (212)672-1409




  • 协助中国学生在ASA大学选择医疗专业作为他们的学习专业
  • 帮助中国学生克服在学习中可能遇到的困难,并让他们获得经验
  • 鼓励中国学生不但成功完成他们的学习而且在毕业后通过他们的医疗执照考试
  • 教授中国学生高等教育,专业态度,工作经验和美国医疗领域的文化传承的重要性


  • 提供一些有关于ASA大学医疗系的多种主题的研讨会,如谈论工作前景,专业鉴定,课程要求等。
  • 邀请医疗部门的客座嘉宾谈论来自纽约市医疗系统一线的经验体会
  • 让ASA大学医疗系的校友介绍它们的成功秘籍以及面试技巧宝典
  • 推广俱乐部活动和ASA大学医疗保健项目到在布鲁伦,曼哈顿和皇后区等中国人聚集的社区。