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ASA College specializes in offering programs that balance traditional academic preparation with professional training and hands-on experience. With a "career-first" focus that allows students to immediately begin study in the chosen major, our programs are designed to deliver the type of knowledge and skills employers are looking for.

Business Division Associate Degree Programs

Business Division Professional Certifications

SA College offers Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree in our Business Division programs.Our ASA Career Center offers career assessment and lifetime placement assistance for students and Alumni.

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A degree for Business Administration - Accounting integrates conventional accounting courses in a module that includes relevant interdisciplinary subjects. This business-related Accounting program is oriented toward preparing students for both administrative and accounting careers in various sectors of the economy.

Graduates can start careers as staff accountants, junior accountants, payroll managers, bookkeepers, accounting operatives, and loan processors. Graduates who also complete graduation requirements with a major in Retail Management may be able to find jobs as advertising generalists or specialists, promotion operatives, customer service managers, or retail analysts. Academic preparation in e-commerce qualifies graduates to assume positions in direct marketing, personal selling, brand development, and customer service in business-to-business and business-to customer settings.



Embedded in a conceptual framework of information technology, the degree program in Business Administration with Management Information Systems (MIS) integrates professional-core courses in a business administration configuration. The MIS program prepares students for both management and information technology positions in private and public sector organizations. ASA’s associate degree program in Business Administration with MIS is reliably valid in content and process.

Graduates may opt to continue their education with the aim of acquiring a baccalaureate degree in business administration. ASA has agreements with select-four-year degree institutions afford the convenience of credit transfers.

Business Administration with Management Information Systems offers a number of occupational alternatives. Graduates can be employed as business analysts, information resource consultants, or information security operatives. Further, graduates may be employed as office technology specialists and managers of information systems at small and medium size institutions.



The Associate degree program in Office Administration and Technology prepares the office workers for organizational support roles. The technologically-intensified work settings of today demand skilled office administrators with college level training.

Students acquire both basic and advanced skills for office related roles from an array of specialized courses that provide them the competencies for administrative positions. Competencies stem from the specialized courses required for office manager assistant, office procedure coordinator, document processing supervisor, and general office operatives.

Thousands of new office jobs are emerging in New York City owing to attrition and technological shift. ASA is committed to provide students with the skills that are needed to be successful entrants into these emerging jobs. Furthermore, the development and success of the Metro Tech Center in downtown Brooklyn has made the area a hub for government, education, and business increasing local demand for administrative support staff.



In today's business world technology is indispensable to the operation of every modern business enterprise. Office technology personnel prepare and analyze documents for individuals, corporations, state and federal government agencies, not-for-profit companies, and other organization's economic position so future plans can be developed. Managers rely on information to make reasoned decisions.

The certificate program in the Office Technology and Administration solidifies the prospect to transition into degree programs that are similarly configured. The augmenting coursework in the office-administration track provides foundation courses for transfer into other business-related concentrations such as accounting and management of information systems.

The certificate program in Office Technology and Administration requires the successful completion of 30 semester credit hours for graduation. Students can also pursue an Associate Degree in Office Administration after completion of the Certificate Program.



This program prepares the graduates with high levels of organizational writing and communicating skills as well as knowledge and competence in legal concepts for corporations or law firms. While lawyers assume ultimate responsibility for legal work, Executive Legal Assistants continue to assume a growing range of tasks in the nation’s legal offices and corporations.

Nevertheless, they are still explicitly prohibited from carrying out duties which are considered to be the practice of law, such as setting legal fees and giving legal advice.

United States Department Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook states that the legal assistant positions are very promising and are projected to grow at a rate of 18% through 2018.



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