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Ashakei Croft - Gellers Group Securities Firm

Name : Ashakei Croft
AOS in Network Administration and Security
Site:New Millenium Computers 

My major is Network Administration and Security, and ASA taught me a lot of valuable things, as well as, provided me with the tools to accomplish my goal of getting hired. 

My Externship was an experience I was very grateful for.  This opportunity allowed me to learn new things that I never knew before, about myself.  I got to learn my strengths.  I am confident, very competitive and energetically driven in the work place.  My strengths have increased.  now that I have become more self-aware, and realize that I am dependable, and not afraid to take initiative.  I now have the tools to feel confident that I have the ability to be successful.

I would like to thank Professor Wong, for pushing me when I could have drifted away.  I would also like to thank Tatyana Kryzhanovskaya, Director of Student Advisement, and everyone who told me not to stop trying, and not to stop this achievement from happening.

The advice I would give to current and potential students is that this is the opportunity for you to prove who you are and show everyone what you are made of.  You are what you put out. So, if you are not putting quality work and time into your education, you are looking for nothing, and that is just want you will get. Do your best to achieve your success.