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September 14, 2017

Five Reasons You'll Be Better Off with a College Degree

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In recent years, college has developed a bad reputation. You’ve heard the horror stories about people drowning in student loans and working minimum-wage jobs after getting their college degrees. If you’re a young person who is considering college, some of these stories might have turned you off. While it’s true that not every degree guarantees a great job, it’s also important to remember that many still do. The value of a degree in today’s world is still very high. This is especially true if you’ve carefully thought out a plan for your career.

1. You’ll Be a Better Asset to Your Community

Educated people are more likely to play an active role in the world around them. They pay more attention to politics and community affairs. They are even less likely to hold negative viewpoints toward other groups for reasons relating to race, religion or income level. This is likely because a college environment exposes you to people from all walks of life while helping you learn about the various issues that hold people back in this world.

2. You’ll Experience Better Health

College graduates have better health for a variety of reasons. Biology and health classes can teach you a lot, but you’ll also learn a variety of things about the world that could potentially help keep you safer, from car-crash statistics to information about the medical system.

On top of that, the friendships that develop during the college years often last a lifetime, and it has been shown that a strong network of friends can contribute to overall health and wellbeing. A study from London University’s Institute of Education found that college graduates were more likely to have better physical and emotional health throughout the rest of their lives.

3. You’ll Have More Job Choices

The more skills you can offer, the more options you’ll have. With the right college degree, you’ll be able to take your pick from a number of jobs. Most people don’t have the luxury of being choosy when it comes to job hunting, but with the right set of skills, you’ll have that option. It’s always better to wait for a job that will make you happy .

4. You’ll Pass the Benefits Down

According to research from London University’s Institute of Education, the benefits you obtain from earning a college degree can be passed down to your children. The study found that kids of college graduates were five times more likely to attend college themselves. They were also more likely to go to a prestigious school. The reasons for this are obvious. Kids learn a lot from their parents, and any parent who had a positive college experience is likely to influence their children to aim for something similar. This alone is one reason that education is so extremely important for our society.

5. You’ll Expand Your Mind and Become More Creative

It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you grew up. If you attend college, it will benefit your creative mind. Research from the University of Oxford found that people with college degrees were more likely to practice creative endeavors like dance, painting, craft making and music. The study took income and social status into account and found that these factors had no effect.

For more information about the benefits of attending college, please contact ASA College today.


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